Consulting Focus

Consulting Areas

The Institute for Innovation in Biotechnology is available to undertake consultancy projects or contribute in an advisory role in the general area of academic-industry partnerships. Specific areas of our expertise are outlined below.

Accommodation for Bio-Companies

The Institute has considerable international expertise in best practice models for the development and operating of incubators, innovation centres and technology parks suitable for accommodating bio-companies. Knowledge gains from our own bio-incubator in the IIB, as well as from our extensive research of, and visits to more than 20 similar facilities across 10 countries, has been assembled into a report which was released in September 2011. An abbreviated version is available as a PDF for downloading under ‘Reports’ on this website. Large data sets stand behind this report which allow us to drill deeper to provide answers to specific questions where and when needed. Our specialty is to be able to advise on how Government, universities and the private sector can work together to achieve long-lasting solutions.

Company Attraction Strategies

The Institute actively engages in aspects of regional economic development around innovation systems involving public-private partnerships. The attraction of foreign companies to establish R&D hubs plays an increasing role for regional economic growth. A report on “Company attraction strategies – insights from international best practice” is available as a PDF for downloading under ‘Reports’ on this website. The report was released 1 August 2012.

Enterprise Training

The Institute is contracted by the University to operate the Masters in Bioscience Enterprise programme. We have extensive experience in how to develop and teach courses and programmes aimed at training science graduates and employees in the business and commercialisation side of the biosciences. We can advise on aspects of programme development, content, operation and graduate outcomes, and on how to build productive partnerships with the industry. A relevant journal article, jointly co-authored with staff from our sister programme at the University of Cambridge, is available under ‘Reports’ on this website.

Building effective Networks

Cohesive networks connecting the diverse range of stakeholders across the bio-sector are a key element to facilitating growth. Based on our long time experience in developing popular workshops and networking functions in Auckland, we can advise on general strategies and actual operational details that help you develop a functional bio-industry ecosystem in your region.